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Dear european parliament members,

Two years ago, a law was presented to the European Commission. It would allow messaging service providers to automatically screen messages sent through them, for the sake of detecting child pornography distribution. If a message is detected as suspiscious, its content is shared with employees and police for further investigation.

On July 5, 2021, despite much pushback, this law, dubbed ChatControl, was temporarily adopted for the next 3 years. The absolute majority of parliamentarians voted this way.

After nearly a year of closed-off discussion, on May 11, 2022, a new, permanent law was proposed. This law would make the screening compulsory for all messages, videos, images, e-mails, voice and video calls, or even cloud storage such as iCloud or Google Drive.

First off, protecting children is incredibly important. However, despite its good intentions, the proposal could have massive adverse effects - just like the post office being forced to read everyone's letters without a court order;

There are other ways of fighting the problem. First off, they must be proportional - which intercepting millions of messages to find a few illegal ones isn't:

Extensive paper published by EDRi | More information and sources

Therefore, we, the signatories, ask you to uphold your citizens' basic rights even in the online space and do everything within your power to stop the proposal.

Thank you.


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